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Making Server Monitoring Easy
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For every critical performance monitor, set multiple thresholds and get instant notifications for crossing thresholds

Real-time Fault

Real-time fault management

HealthyServers monitoring capabilities let you keep a vigilant eye on the abnormalities occurring within the server infrastructure on a real-time basis. You can even use different notification channels for different alert priorities


Server Healthcard

Healthyservers identify KPIs so you can create customized health cards showing the score for each server. Server Healthcard provides a transparent picture of comparative server health to the CXO level team


Advanced Analytics

HealthyServers offer numerous analytical capabilities to measure, track and predict the server’s resource utilization and its performance trends. Our analytics include Forecast Reports based on Machine Learning algorithms to anticipate and predict your server utilization


Customizable dashboards

Ability to create your own dashboards by making use of multiple metrics and graphs

Alert Rules

Customizable alert rules

Start your server monitoring with our pre-populated practical default values and then customize warnings and alerts to match your needs

User Interface

Customizable alert rules

HealthyServers presents relevant information in an intuitive dashboard and charts to help users take immediate action

No False

No false alerts

No more alert storms with intelligent anomaly detection and root cause analysis. Customised wait and delay options are available before alerts reach the user for any action. HealthyServers strives to ensure the authenticity of all alerts

How it works

Time Saver

We value your time, which is why HealthyServers takes a minimum amount of input from the user. In minutes you will have an agent running on your devices that has no dependencies, low network and memory footprint, and keeps itself up to date.

That is all you and your team will have to do when onboarding a new server into the system. Other systems traditionally have a lot of config files and feature creep.

Server Health Card

You are provided with focused information on the health and key performance indicators of your entire server estate. When an incident occurs, it notifies the IT team on Slack, email, or SMS.

You will get a Server Health card of your IT infrastructure and its corresponding team to closely monitor the status.

360 Degree view of your servers

We provide you with a 360° view of your server estate and metrics. Using our scalable datastore we can monitor multiple metrics effortlessly. Whether it is standard metrics or custom specified by your team, we provide tracking and full visibility with our visual dashboard.

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Server Healthcard

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